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Intro to Rigging

Intro to Rigging

A 10-week course for developing fundamental rigging skills that are commonly used in the visual effects industry
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Learn rigging fundamentals

Learn rigging fundamentals
This course is an introduction to rigging. We’ll explore how digital characters are brought to life using simple controls. We will start by looking under Maya’s hood to understand how the system of nodes works, moving onto the basics of rigging and completing our very first project. The goal for the first weeks is to learn the fundamental rigging concepts that can be applied on every project

After completing a few projects–which include a shark rig, a spaceship rig and a rope sim rig–we will work on a bigger project which will be divided into modules. As a matter of fact, each week we will focus and learn how to rig a specific module, how to combine them together, and how to assemble the whole setup into a master rig. At the end of the course we will add more details on our main project using nCloth and rigids. You will develop rigging skills and knowledge currently used in the visual effects industry.

Course Format


Skills Level

Beginner to Intermediate


10 Weeks


Once a week


Individually recorded

Lecture Type

Due each week. Expect to spend 10-20 hrs/wk viewing lectures, Q&A, and time on assignments.
Basic knowledge of 3D software and scripting
Maya or 3D equivalent program

The more you know, the better.

Welcome to Introduction to Rigging | What is Rigging? | Naming convention | Maya modeling tools | Joints, joint orientation
Matrices | Under Maya’s hood | Maya rigging tools
Node editor | Connection editor | Constraints | Expressions
IK Spline handle, part 1 | Deformers
Preparing our custom rigging shelf | Anatomy of the torso | Biped skeleton | IK Handle Spline, part 2 | Rigging the torso
What is a space switch? | Coding a custom space switch script | Anatomy of the neck and head | Rigging the neck and head
Blending chains setup | Coding a custom blending chains tool | Anatomy of the arms, hands, and fingers | Rigging the arms, hands, and fingers
Anatomy of the legs and feet | Reverse foot setup | Rigging the legs and feet | Finalize the modules
Skeleton: assemble the whole rig | What is the skinning? | Skinning tools
What is nCloth? | Basics of nCloth | Flag sim rig | Adding details with nCloth and rigids

Unleashing your creativity.

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Oct 12, 2023 - Jan 29, 2024
Intro to Rigging

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He is a great teacher! We know he was busy with his job but even though he had other commitments, he always answered our questions and helped us find solutions.


I definitely have a solid foundation for rigging that I can build upon whereas prior to this I had only a passing understanding of it. Feel more confident but know there’s still a ton to learn.


Rigging was always a weakness for me, since I knew very little about it. This course has helped a great deal in that regard.


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